Roberto Jimenez Wins $1,000 Royal Invitational as Youngest Competitor

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July of this year, the BJJ community was talking about a 16 year old kid who had beaten two elite level BJJ black belts in a tournament, he’s Alliance Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas Blue Belt Roberto Jimenez . As a 15 year old green belt last year, he also defeated a black belt, and that’s not all, he has also defeated UFC’s golden boy Sage Northcutt in a grappling competition. The match took place in 2013, Jimenez could not have been older than 13 or 14 at the time. Roberto is the student of his BJJ black belt father Raul Jimenez aka Gacho. This year, Jimenez managed to win Double Gold in 2016 Pan, and gold and silver at the worlds injuring his hand in worlds this year which was a week prior to this tournament. Well, Jimenez did it again. Today, he competed in a 16 man invitational, Royal Invitational – The Future of Jiu-Jitsu, and won the blue-purple belt bracket submitting all his opponents.

Roberto Jimenez

The Royal Invitational was the idea of jiu-jitsu black belt and pro surfer Joel Tudor and has the backing of powerful sponsors such as Shoyoroll, Studio 540, SubCon, WorldCon and FIVE Grappling. There are two 16-man brackets of the best blue/purple belts and brown belts in the world. Winners of the tournament get $1000. Roberto Jimenez was the youngest competitor in the tournament going against the best blue and purple belts in the country. To watch the entire event go to Flograppling. Here is the match from last month where he submitted one of the best featherweight black belts in the world, Lucas Pinheiro who competed at the 2016 IBJJF Worlds:


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